Naruto: Fallen Blades

This wikia is specifically for the Naruto: Fallen Blades roleplay forum. As the related roleplay is based in an AU (Alternate Universe), it can and will vary widely from the traditional canon.

The purpose of this wiki is thus to enable an easier transition for our newer members who are trying to learn more about our history and lore, as well as to provide a single compilation of all potentially relevant information, from clans to jutsu.

If at any point you wish to have something added to or changed on this wiki, please feel free to contact Hiro at the Fallen Blades forum with all relevant details, and we will make certain to apply any necessary changes or additions.

Important Information


Clans are the backbone of every ninja village, as well as the dominant military force for each country due to the high percentage of Shinobi which are from formal clans.

Latest activity

  • new page Masahiro Clan
    created by Ulfinden 20 hours ago
    New page: Masahiro Clan Leaders OOC LazyNeko IC Masahiro Kirei Clan Techniques Hijutsu Buki Tōei[Weapon projection]...
    Summary: Added infobox, intro, ideology, background, techs, hierarchy. Needs tags and sub headings in BG
    Added photo:
  • new page Tokonatsu Clan
    created by Ulfinden 1 day ago
    New page: Tokonatsu Current Leaders IC Leader N/A OOC Leader Achillean Clan Traits K. Genkai Bioremediation One...
    Summary: Added small intro, ideology, background, hierarchy, techs, and infobox
    Added photo:
  • edit Mikatakujira Clan
    edited by Ulfinden 2 days ago diff
    Summary: Added image
    Added photo:
  • edit Oborozuki Clan
    edited by Ulfinden 3 days ago diff
    Added photo:
  • new page Oborozuki Clan
    created by Ulfinden 3 days ago
    New page: Oborozuki Clan Leaders OOC Staff Clan leaders N/A Clan Techniques Hijutsu Futton沸遁 - [Vapour Style] ...
    Summary: Added ideology, background, hierarchy, clan techs, infobox. Need tags and sub headings.
    Added photo:
  • edit Mikatakujira Clan
    edited by Ulfinden 6 days ago diff
    Summary: Fixed minor things, missing image
  • new page Mikatakujira Clan
    created by Ulfinden
    New page: Mikatakujira Clan Clan Leaders OOC Head Belac IC Head N/A Clan Techniques Hijutsu JionguEarth Grudge Fear Clan Members ...
    Summary: Added background, ideology, hierarchy, inforbox, techs. Needs subheads, image, intro and tags
  • edit Mayonaka Clan
    edited by Ulfinden diff
    Summary: Updated members
  • edit Yamakira Clan
    edited by Ulfinden diff
    Summary: Added clan hierarchy, hijutsu, intro
  • new page Yamakira Clan
    created by Ulfinden
    New page: Yamakira Clan Clan Leaders OOC Head Yoritomo IC Head Yamakira Zainan (Zokuchō) Clan Techniques Hijutsu ...
    Summary: added ideology and background
    Added photo:

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