The Sarutobi clan hail from Hi no Kuni and Konohagakure no Sato. They are one of the many clans possessing the will of fire. The clan owns a contract with monkeys.


Followers of the Senju clan, the Sarutobi are close allies with the founders of the Leaf. They helped establish the village and became regarded shinobi in their own right. Unlike those blessed with secret techniques or bloodlines, the Sarutobi have always been a clan of deed and conviction. Perhaps more than even the Senju, they embody the sacrifical, selfless philosophy that is the Will of Fire. This psychological concept could be considered the fundamental of the clan's mindset and if there were such a thing as a blueprint for what is expected of a Konoha shinobi, it would most certainly be a Sarutobi.

Clan History

A clan that has existed since the all-encompassing period of war before the foundation of the Hidden Villages, the Sarutobi are known in every land of the world. Their deeds are bold and their stories are famous. They seem to breed famous shinobi of exquisite skills.

Upon the foundation of Konoha, they allied themselves with the Senju and Uchiha clan, becoming a mainstay in Konoha's inner workings.

There is a tradition between the Sarutobi clan and the Akimichi, Nara and Yamanaka families. Whenever they form a bond, they will proudly display this connection in the form of an earpiece jewelry.

Clan Hierarchy

The Sarutobi clan is a loose conglomeration of families. They do not encourage people to marry their own blood, thus allowing freedom in the lives of their people. Due to the fact that they consider every villager a member of their family, their ties are close. The lack of a strict organization seems to serve them better than the iron-handed leadership of a head of clan.

Clan Contract

Monkey Summoning Contract

Coming from Hi no Kuni, it should not surprise that a lot of shinobi from this clan have a tendency of mastering Fire Style techniques. Even other ninjutsu they seem to grasp more easily. Like monkeys, they are swift and intelligent, able to use their surroundings with guile and speed for an advantage.

There is only one signature technique in their arsenal that shines brightly, giving fame across the borders of the Leaf Village: Kuchiyose no Jutsu. The Sarutobi clan has allied itself with the monkey tribe of the Fire Land's lush forests generations ago, creating a bond that can not be separated.

Clan Summons

- Flying Monkeys

- Additional Monkeys

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- Sarutobi Additions 2.0

- Monkey contract subset