Translation Village Hidden in the Snow
Status Active - Minor Village
Leader Third Lady Yoi Saya


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The village of Yukigakure no Sato.





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Nue | Human Parasite

Masahiro | Weapon Projection


The age of Country at War. -85 SD ~ -75 SD Edit

The ninja village of Yukigakure was founded roughly 75 years ago. But to look at how ninja arts have started to spread throughout this cold, barren desert of snow and ice, we need to look somewhere else. Across the cold waters of the ocean, lies Kuma no Kuni, the Land of Bears. And 75 years ago, it was at war. War was not uncommon back then, and power-hungry warlords have always found excuses to spill eachothers blood. This land was ravaged by civil war.

Two prominent clans have fought over control of the land. The Tayuya clan, under Tayuya Odo, was in control of cities and settlements along the coastline, and had a powerful military and trade flotilla at their disposal. Their adversaries – the Ashikaga clan, led by Ashikaga Minamoto, united smaller clans under its command, and held sway to the territory deeper within the country. Neither half of the country was capable of becoming powerful without the other half, and so a war was fought. Both leaders wanted to unify the country, and both wanted to be called Daimyo. But only one succeeded.

Both sides trained and used ninjas in this war. It was not as centralized as it is now, but the Shinobi had made their impact. The Tayuya clan was known to produce the better ninjas out of the two, but the Ashikaga were more numerous, they had more resources and manpower in their hands. That, was enough to tip the balance in their favor. A lot of battles were fought, and a lot of blood was spilled. But in the end, the cause of the Tayuya was doomed. They were down to their last port town, surrounded, outnumbered and hopeless. They knew that no quarter will be given, once the battle is lost. In that situation, Odo had made a decision. He assembled all the boats and ships he still had left, and put everyone he could, on those boats. Men, women, children, elderly. Ships were cramped, almost drowning from too much weight put unto them. But nobody wanted to remain and face certain death. The flotilla had set sail, towards an unknown fate. Odo was the last to embark. Before he did, he vowed that one day he would return, and reclaim what is rightfully his.

Exodus and founding of Yukigakure. -75 SD ~ -72 SD Edit

The exiled flotilla set sail for a land across the ocean, known as Land of Snow. Tayuya Odo had known of it, that there were mining colonies established there to dig for precious minerals and metals, buried in land deep underneath the layers of snow. It was a harsh, barren land. But he, and the people that came with him, had nowhere else to go. The journey was harsh, crossing the waters willed with drifting ice and icebergs, without proper charts and guides, was a nigh impossible task. Many ships were smashed to bits against the icy walls, people drowned and froze to death in the cold waters.

Eventually, the ships reached the frozen shores.

The land that the exiled would call their new home was just as inhospitable as the sea they just had to cross. Blizzards, low temperatures, no sun, and a land on which nothing grows. They were doomed to die here. However, Odo refused to succumb to whatever plans fate had for him. He had reached out for the inhabitants of the land, for help. But it was not a plea – the man was too proud for that. It was a proposition to the Daimyo of the land. Among the people Odo had brought to these new lands, many, including himself, practiced ninja arts. In exchange for supplies, they would become the land’s military force. If their proposition were to be met with refusal, Odo threatened to simply take what he needs, since he and his people have nothing to lose. Faced with such an ultimatum, the Daimyo agreed. That same year, a settlement was built to house the exiles. That village later became known as Yukigakure.

Life in Yukigakure was hard for its populace. Endless snow, low temperatures, lack of any vegetation – it was a terrible punishment for those who lived in a land covered with forests, all their life. Many have regretted to not have stayed, preferring to face a quick death in battle rather than a slow one in here. Tayuya Odo, more than anyone, shared these concerns. The feelings kept bottling up. One day, that bomb was going to explode…

Yukigakure and the First Shinobi War. -72 SD ~ -68 SD Edit

With the start of the First Shinobi War, Odo and his generals saw an opportunity to reclaim their land, return their people from exile, and exact vengeance on those who drove them out. Forging secret agreements with Sunagakure and Kusagakure, Odo’s army had entered the war. Their first action in this war was a full-blown assault on the Land of Bears. Morale was high, many clamored for war and battle. The plan was to catch the foes by surprise, as none would expect a clan long forgotten and sentenced to die, to be able to mount a powerful strike.

However, the plan was not without its flaws. Although very well trained, Odo’s force was not numerous. Its transport ships were those used in the Exodus, what were left intact anyway, as many have succumbed to frost and snow. Still, with how much drive and determination his men were showing, Odo believed nothing is impossible. The invasion flotilla was launched, to reclaim the lands once lost. Initially, the plan was successful.

Odo’s army successfully landed on shore. Then, they managed to storm and capture several cities along the coastline.

The attack had caught the Ashikaga unprepared. In order to answer this new threat, they had to pull out of all allied operations, and engage the invading Yukigakure ninjas in combat. Until they fully mobilized, Odo had the advantage. But once the Bear country focused on the intruders, the advantage began to dwindle. It was then, when the main flaw in Odo’s plan was discovered. He did not expect the Ashikaga to found their own ninja village – Hoshigakure. With trained ninjas on both sides, those with more numbers and resources had the advantage. Just like during the civil war.

Yukigakure’s attack managed to remove Hoshigakure forces out of the main theater of Shinobi War completely. But in the end, they were forced back into the sea once more. Odo himself was injured in one battle. His army embarked ships, and set sail once more. Returning to the Land of Snow, beaten, crippled, defeated, and ashamed. They say that the peoples’ hope to return to their homeland died that day.




Castle Black Edit

This Castle was built by the Second Lady of Yukigakure, Furuikazan Yuriko. It is a mighty fortress located on a steep hill, overseeing the village below. It is built out of enchanted Black Ice, which is stronger than steel, can withstand chakra-based attacks, and is imbued with chakra, making climbing over the walls with ninjutsu techniques impossible. The Castle serves as an HQ for the Land's shinobi, and contains enough provisions to withstand a 2-year siege. Its purpose is to provide shelter for the villages in case of an invasion.

Palace of White Ice Edit

The Palace of White Ice is a small, yet majestic structure, located at the very heart of Castle Black. It is made out of stone and ice, and has very little defensive capabilities, yet is stunning aesthetically, holding about itself the frigid yet pure image of the Winter itself. It is a very quiet and solitary place. It was built by the Second Lady of Yukigakure to serve as her residence, and has been home to future rulers of the village ever since. The Third Lady, Saya Yoi, lives here now, in the highest tower, in the middle of the Palace.

Yukgakure Prisons Edit

The Yukigakure Prison is an underground facility, located to the south-west of the village. It is used to keep dangerous prisoners and criminals in. It is made out of special stone, which disallows the use of Doton Ninjutsu to aid in an escape attempt. The whole facility is a maze, which is rumored to change directions from time to time, making mapping and escaping impossible. The only one who knows his way around the Prison is Dai Ri - the Prison Warden, who also helped design and build the facility.

Village Specifc JutsuEdit

Fūinjutsu Edit

  • Yuki no Akuma Hoin - Snow Demon Sealing Method